Minibanda, Timeless styling that excites

The styling of the Minibanda brand is timeless, able to excite at first glance. The Minibanda collections, aimed at babies from 0 to 24 months, stand out for both quality and sophistication, as well as for their utmost safety

Sarabanda, Italian
done well

Sarabanda is a brand with a strong stylistic identity, characterised by garments in whose manufacture attention is paid to every detail, safe, comfortable and trendy. All items are easily matched, and designed for every occasion, from school, daily use and ceremonies.

Everyday Style

A brand with a trendy, modern taste, designed for a dynamic kids that are always on the move.
Durable and of high quality, iDO garments are designed by an in-house team of Italian designers who study and interpret international fashion trends, adapting them to the needs of children: this is how a modern brand is born, with a gritty, cosmopolitan style.

For newborns and babies, from 0 to 18 months, iDOmini guarantees comfort and style.

Dodipetto, Fashion Forward

Total look represented by versatile garments, suitable for every moment of the day, with an excellent quality/price ratio and attention particularly focused on produ
ction methods and processes. The collections are enriched by the Mignolo proposal for the newborn baby.